Geithner Deflation

"We've got to have a fall guy."
   -- Sam Spade, The Maltese Falcon
Barack Obama is not known for his loyalty. In fact, he's known for having none at all.

He's thrown his close friend and mentor Jeremiah Wright under the bus. He's even -- very publicly -- thrown his own grandmother under the bus. So now, with the financial markets going on what a Wall Street Journal editorial said is a "capital strike," Obama needs someone to take the blame for his own disastrous handling of the nation's finances.

So, I give Obama two weeks, three at the outside, to throw Treasury Secretary Geithner under the bus.

"Secretary Geithner, unfortunately failed to calm the markets, failed to explain our pro-growth economic policies, and though he's a very smart man, right now, I need someone better able to communicate just how we're going to fight this battle and win. Therefore, I've asked _______________ to become my new Secretary of the Treasury."

Lawrence Summers (4-1)
Paul Volcker (5-1)
Robert Rubin (7-1)
Warren Buffet (20-1)
Bill Clinton (9-1)
Alan Greenspan (15-1)
Ben Bernanke (12-1)