Hollywood or Capitol Hill, they're both oblivious

With words and pictures John Hinderaker of the Powerline blog  muses  about the hypocrisy of all those really, really, really rich Dems so willing to redistribute your money. 

One funny thing about Democrats--the leading ones, anyway--is that they're pretty much all rich. I mean really rich, not "rich" like you and your spouse together make $250,000 a year, so now you have to pay someone else's mortgage.

This makes for a lot of amusing moments; one of them took place today when Nancy Pelosi teamed up with Brad Pitt for a media availability on rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. Pelosi has never earned much money herself, but she is married to a fabulously rich real estate developer who lets her be Speaker of the House to give her something to occupy her time.

Yes, 3 1/2 years later Chocolate City (his term, not mine) Mayor Ray Nagin and fellow liberals are still rebuilding the place--since then other cities that have suffered  green, environmental, natural disasters of Mother Nature, recovered and continued.  Pitt and Pelosi discussed the homes Pitt's money (and yours' too, taxpayer $$$) that are now going up in New Orleans. 

PELOSI: And we were listening with great satisfaction to the fact that not are [sic] these homes -- wonderful homes for these families -- not are [sic] they built to a green standard, but they have a utility bill of under $10 a month.

PITT: It's possible.

PELOSI: It's possible to have a utility bill under $10 a month.

Hinderacker is highly skeptical of a $10 monthly utility bill.

I suppose it might be, if your house is a ten-foot cube, and you have an outhouse, no heating or air conditioning, and no telephone. Ten dollars could possibly cover your water bill. Do you think that either Brad Pitt or Nancy Pelosi has any idea how much utilities actually cost? I doubt it.

Meanwhile, those "sustainable" homes in New Orleans with utility bills that total under $10 a month are either a complete fiction, or the recipients of heavy (but unmentioned) taxpayer subsidies.

There is a reason that Hinderaker doesn't think Pitt or Pelosi have any idea of the actual cost of utilities as he displays  a lush picture of one of the Pitt/Jolie homes, a $70 million estate in France and one of the "Pelosis' California vineyard, which uses non-union labor" all of which probably have a $10 hourly utility bill, minimum.