Obama grass roots onslaught

I previously noted the likelihood that the next step of the permanent campaign to radically change America would be for Barack Obama to send out his troops to pressure Congressmen to support his policies .

He telegraphed this action at a White house meeting a few weeks ago hosted by him and Michelle Obama. The soiree was attended by leaders of liberal activist groups. They were called upon to be ready to promote Obama’s policies.

The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund notes in the paper’s Political Journal that the troops are now mobilizing.

In the forefront is the Service Employees International Union-the most politically active union in America (and one connected to a powerful political group known as the Democracy Alliance http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/groupProfile.asp?grpid=7151 ).

Fund writes:

A coalition of dozens of left-wing activist groups announced plans to spend between $5 million and $7 million to influence members of Congress in key districts before a final vote on the budget comes sometime in May. Khalid Pitts, "director of political accountability" for the Service Employees Union, told a conference call with reporters that the coalition plans to "have thousands of members and staffers taking leave from their jobs" to lobby for the budget.

Brad Woodhouse, the incoming director of communications for the Democratic National Committee, said the group's warchest would be spent on "every trick of the trade" to put pressure on members to vote for the president's agenda. That will include television and radio advertising, along with some 1,800 planned events in support of the Obama plan.

Bertha Lewis, the lead organizer for the controversial group ACORN, promised that her troops would be fully engaged. She says the budget's new investments are the answer to improving health care, schools, energy supplies and the work force. She warned that because "other folks will attack the budget, we can't afford to wait any longer" in building support to pass the budget. "Acorn is gearing up to get it on," she promised.

Wonderful. The economy is plunging and the groups want their members to call in sick to campaign for policies that will further weaken American business. The incoming director of communications for the DNC boats he will use “every trick in the trade” to pressure Congressmen. How ethical, moral, and transparent. This is the change we were promised?

Not to be left out of the “lobbying” fun are Obama’s pals in ACORN – who have been known to invade and occupy Congressmen’s offices to coerce their support (when not engaging in voter fraud).

Just as Obama cultists harassed journalists who tried to honestly report about the Senator during the campaign and routinely characterized critics as “racists” and “smear artists," now they are gearing it up to take on Congressmen who dare not support The One.