Obama's Treasury pick failed to pay taxes (updated)

Timothy Geithner, nominated as Secretary of the Treasury, failed to pay taxes. So he rushed to pay them when the transition team found out about them; and the Obama camp tried to keep the failure to pay a secret? How about that transparency we heard so much about on the campaign trail? How about those huge deficits caused , in part, by people dodging their taxes?Rick Moran adds:"He's dedicated his career to our country and served with honor, intelligence and distinction," incoming White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said"Yeah - but he's a tax dodge.Thomas Lifson adds:He also employed an undocumented worker in his household. Zoe Baird had to give up a cabinet nomination over tthis issue alone.Lee Cary adds:it’s just a “last-minute complication on a smooth” path.  No problem. After all, ABC News tells us that New York Federal Reserve Bank President Timothy J. Geithner and the President Elect are practically kin. If you examine the life story of...(Read Full Post)