Death to Adulterers in Iran

OMG!  Yes, there is violence in the Mideast!  Yes, innocent civilians are being maimed, injured and even killed. Why aren't people protesting?  Because it is happening in Death to America! Death to Israel Iran: 
According to a report in The Scotsman

A MAN convicted of adultery has escaped death by stoning in Iran after dragging himself out of the pit he had been buried in for the punishment – an act that means he is free under Islamic law.

Two other male adulterers were killed by the barbaric method in the same incident, which took place in the north-eastern city of Mashhad last month.


Preliminary figures from Amnesty indicate that more than 330 people were executed in Iran in 2008.

Under Iranian law the stones must be neither too big nor too small, so that death is neither mercifully quick nor endlessly prolonged. Some stoning victims are said to have taken 20 minutes to die.

Stoning sentences – usually imposed for adultery, which is sometimes penalised by flogging – were widely carried out in the early years after Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, but have been very rare in recent years.
The Iranian Revolution occurred nearly 30 years ago; under the dictatorship Iran endures these barbaric practices could have been outlawed if the country really desired it. 

A moratorium on stoning was issued by Ayatollah Mahmoud Shahroudi, head of the judiciary, in 2002. The European Union had made that measure and other human rights reforms a condition for opening negotiations with Iran.
But--no surprise here--the EU ignores its own conditions as many EU countries continue to do business with Iran.  And Hillary, in her Secretary of State confirmation hearings thinks "smart power," not to mention her own charms, will successfully eliminate violence in the region.
Dream on lady.  Your husband will collect for his "foundation": the Iranians will laugh; the violence will continue and escalate and the "smart power" will be dumb powerlessness.