Abolish sales taxes now

Amazon reported outstanding results today-the best holiday season in the company's (albeit) brief history. This flies in face of dire reports from every retailer in America. The impact on retailing has had ripple effects: chains are laying off thousands of workers, stores are being shuttered, shopping mall REITs are listing badly in the stock market, and loans to the retail chains and landlords are being heavily discounted because there is less likelihood of these mortgages and loans being paid off.The figure I would like to see is how much of Amazon's sales come from areas where the sales taxes are high? Of course, one would have to adjust the adjust the figures for a per capita measure to take into account population size. One could wager that Amazon's success is not just derived from ease of shopping, breadth of offerings, and being able to shop from home (as opposed to paying for gas) but also is directly correlated with high sales taxes some states charge.Example, Cook County...(Read Full Post)