Watch out Greens! Here Comes The Bus

Will Obama's environmental constituency get thrown under the bus to make this pig of a stimulus bill fly? The only way large scale infrastructure projects will stimulate in the near term is if all environmental regulations are bypassed and litigation resulting from any construction collateral damage is squashed in advance. That's what the Gubernator said today in CA.

Watch out Greens! Because The One is pushing this, will the MSM, James Hansen, et al wail about excessive CO2 emissions when large herds of bulldozers, graders and earth movers start roaming freely across the continent? Remember, per Hansen we've only got 4 years before the tipping point is reached and, as implied by the Goracle this week, the earth becomes like Venus with a 97% CO2 atmospheric concentration (we've only got 0.038% now).

Seniors don't worry, your social security benefits won't be cut. But those COLA's are going to be a thing of the past even though 10% inflation will kick in next year. BTW for those under 67, the new retirement age is going to be, um ... never. But don't worry. Once the Federal Bank of Bad buys up all the bad mortgage debt, there will be loads of public housing available across the land. Most of you can stay in your current house as long as you just send in your personal bailout application form. Don't be surprised however, if you get some housemates for your extra bedrooms.

You youngsters still in school need to study hard in engineering, biotechnology or other high tech fields. We need you to create a new stream of revolutionary technologies to get this global economy sizzling again. You'll need high paying jobs because we're soon going to exceed Denmark as #1 in the world (in personal tax burden that is). Denmark is at 48.4 but I know that with a little effort, the Pelosi/Reid/Obama triumvirate will be able to put that number in our rear view mirror.

Honk! Honk!
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