$1 trillion 'stimulus' package picking up steam on the Hill

From our "least surprising news of the day" file comes word that liberal Democrats on the Hill are lining up behind a consumer bailout plan we first reported on here. There appears to be some momentum building in Congress to spend $1 trillion dollars to make people feel better about how rotten the economy is: The House Progressive Caucus is pushing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to back a $1 trillion, two-year stimulus package aimed at low- and middle-income Americans — about double the amount Pelosi has publicly contemplated.The liberal-leaning bloc of House Democrats sent a letter to Pelosi Monday with their $1 trillion request, and plan to follow up with specific policy proposals next week, according to a copy obtained by Roll Call.“If many of the titans of America’s financial, insurance and auto industries are to be bailed out by American taxpayers to the tune of $800 billion or more, it is imperative that hard-working and impoverished...(Read Full Post)