An example of Obama 'transparency'

As a preview of transparent things to come beginning  01/01/01 AMO (After the Messiah Obama), otherwise known now as Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009 in America, listen to The Office of President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama's interruption to a question from John McCormick, a reporter from the Chicago Tribune--his hometown paper.
Let me just cut you off because I don't want you to waste your question. 
In other words, asking a legitimate question about Obama's relationship with his state's governor, even though it was not the purpose of the press conference, indicates The Office of the President-Elect will cut off all reporters who probe too uncomfortably in sensitive areas. 

A troubling message. 
The Office of the President-Elect, continuing its policy of transparency, did however answer McCormick's vital follow up question relating to the topic of the press conference, the selection of Arne Duncan as his new Secretary of Education. 
Do you or [Secretary of Education-designate Arne Duncan] have a better jump shot?" 
I'm sure the NY Times has as many reporters on the Obama v Duncan jump shot case as they had on the non existent McCain mistress case or the Palin background check.  AND Saturday Night Live has its oh so relevant skit in rehearsal.