Workers Unite! (Behind Obama)

The CPUSA emphasizes unity behind Obama, warning its fellow travelers to "resist efforts by reaction and some on the left" and to "not get bogged down in disputes over Cabinet appointments."I reported before on the Communist Party USA and its elation over Obama's election .  Below I highlight different sections of the People's Weekly World  article on the subject (all emphasis added by me).Communist Party USA leaders meeting here Nov. 15-16 celebrated the election of Barack Obama... They adopted a call to action to carry out the election mandate... And they said maintaining the unity of the movement that elected Obama will be vital to making gains. Anything that disrupts that unity is "the worst thing that could happen," an Ohio steelworker retiree declared... The "biggest challenge" now, [CPUSA National Chair Sam Webb] told the meeting, is to "resist efforts by reaction and some on the left" to advocate a break in the...(Read Full Post)