Fiscal crisis or not, Obama may push for nationalized health care

Two articles today, one from a supporter of Barack Obama and one from an opponent, both warn that just because the Treasury and the Federal Reserve are pouring trillions into the financial markets, and Obama has plans for a half trillion or larger fiscal stimulus package, does not mean that health care reform will remain on the back burner. 

Jeff Goldsmith of the Health Care Blog  and Tony Blankley of the Washington Times both believe that Obama may well strike while iron is hot -- when his public approval is highest, and seek the major transformation of the health care system that eluded Bill Clinton.

Both writers believe the impact of such a shift, at this time,will be negative -- with Goldsmith pointing to potentially large job losses from cuts by corporations forced to pay into the new "pay or play" system, and Blankley, the beginning of the end of the private insurance market.