Once Upon a (Republican) Time

How does the Republican Party pick its candidates? Settle back my dear friends, I'll tell you a true story.Once open a time, three Republicans were finalists for a judgeship in a rural area of a rural state. One had applied for the judgeship six times before. He had never been selected.The other two candidates were both well-qualified applicants. One was a competent lawyer. He had applied twice before. The other was a brilliant lawyer. The brilliant lawyer would have made an outstanding jurist. But this was his first application.The committee assigned to pick the judge was made up of Republicans ... all Republicans. For this, I remind you, was a rural community in a rural state.The Republicans on the committee thought and thought about which applicant to pick for the judgeship. Can you guess which one they chose?Of course you can! They picked the person who had applied six times before. Can you guess why? Certainly you can! They were Republicans. They knew the applicant that had...(Read Full Post)