Dear Democrats:

Dear Democrats:

Congratulations on your victory. As a conservative I am disappointed with the outcome of the election however, unlike Democrats over the past 8 years, I will not relentlessly continue the campaign and I will not actively try to destroy our new president as you have done on a daily basis since the 2000 election. I will not throw the kinds of childish tantrums that we have been witness to over the last 2 elections and their aftermath. Your triumph has been 8 years in the making and it is a sweeping victory. You now control all 3 branches of our government.

As a conservative I understand that life is not fair and that politics is a blood sport and that often the end justifies the means. The means by which you have achieved this victory are obvious. The Democrat campaign was one of style over substance and emotion over logic and this time, with the enthusiastic assistance of the media and an economic October surprise, you have prevailed and you have made history. That’s the good news for you.

The bad news is as follows. You voted for higher taxes. You’re going to pay them too… just like me. You voted for more government and less freedom. You voted for cuts in military spending as we fight 2 wars against a committed enemy. You voted for the same people and policies that have devastated the housing market and our economy. You have given the reins of power to the most under qualified, inexperienced and dubious candidate in our lifetime. This is not debatable. You chose an unknown quantity over a giant who has spent his life in service to
America and who in the words of your own standard bearers has the right stuff for the presidency.

All that being said, what is done is done. Enjoy your victory, but as the euphoria fades, remember the ball is now in your court. There will be no George Bush or any republicans to blame now. It’s now time to put up or shut up. I for one will give President elect Obama and this new administration the benefit of the doubt but I and my conservative brethren will be watching closely and if and when things go awry we will know exactly where to lay the blame.

Congratulations. Good luck and God Bless

Robert Weir, Jr.

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