NBC pulls video of SNL skit embarrassing Dems

NBC has pulled the video of the Saturday Night Live skit satirizing the role of George Soros and the Sandlers in the collapse of Wachovia Bank off the internet and is deleting comments on its message boards asking about it. This skit reflected information first brought to light by me on AT's pages.Once again the media covers up information that proves harmful to Democrats. Were the party in question the GOP, there would be a major row right now over this suppression. Update: a bootleg copy (apparently) lives on YouTube (for the moment) watch it while you can:Sweetness & Light provides a partial transcript of the skit:  NANCY PELOSI: This is Herbert and Marianne Sandler, tell us your story. HERB SANDLER: My wife and I had a company which aggressively marketed sub-prime mortgages and then bundled them as "securities" to sell to banks, such as Wachovia. Today, our portfolio is worth almost nothing. Though at one point, it was worth close to $19 billion. NANCY...(Read Full Post)