ETA Terrorist released to undergo fertility treatment

Apparently the Spanish birth rate is low that the country desperately needs new babies to continue. Really desperately. That seems to be the only logical reason I could think of when reading that a judge granted  

An Eta terrorist serving a 13-year jail term has been released for IVF treatment, causing outrage among victims of the Basque separatist group.

Six months after Elena Beloki, 47, was sent to prison she was released so that she could begin the fertility treatment in June.

After her first attempt a judge ruled that she could remain on conditional bail until the in vitro fertilisation course was completed. She was unable to have a baby through natural methods and sought to try IVF, which is being paid for by the Spanish State. (snip)

Beloki was sentenced to 13 years in jail in December for being a spokeswoman for Xaki, the international arm of the banned Basque group. In June she was released after asking to have a course of IVF treatment, claiming that it was her last chance to become pregnant. Her boyfriend is Juan María Olano, a jailed leader of Euskal Herritarrok, a banned political party linked to Eta.

After the half-hour treatment, Beloki was granted permission by a court to remain on conditional bail.

However, the dead victims  will never, ever be able to have babies.  Their tough luck.
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