Michigan Republicans want to fight

Not only is Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee, disappointed that John McCain's campaign operation is giving up on Michigan, Michigan Republicans are also upset. 

Mark Hemingway of the National review Online's The Corner posted
a letter Churck Yob, former Republican National Committee Member from Michigan, sent Palin.
I wholeheartedly agree with you that the decision by the McCain campaign to pull out of Michigan was the wrong decision.

We have all been wrong at times, and I think this is a decision that will be corrected in a couple of weeks.  We were ahead three points as of a week ago according to MRG, a polling firm that I trust more than any national pollster.

I talked to Michigan Republicans and McCain supporters on a conferencecall last night and they vowed to redouble their efforts.  Indeed, there will still be a campaign for John McCain in Michigan whether it is sanctioned by the professionals in Washington DC or not. (snip)
PSS:   We have MANY requests for Todd to come to Michigan.
Well maybe McCain will play maverick again and change his mind.