NY Times Kristoff smears conservatives

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof's column today about racism in  America and its impact on Barack Obama's road to the White House had this gem:
Most of the lost votes aren’t those of dyed-in-the-wool racists. Such racists account for perhaps 10 percent of the electorate and, polling suggests, are mostly conservatives who would not vote for any Democratic presidential candidate.

Yet, African-Americans are the most racist group in America:
Because of the nation’s rapidly changing demography, the whole issue of race and ethnicity in America has become much more complicated and variegated. One thing remains clear, though: in surveys assessing racial attitudes among all groups, non-whites display consistently less favorable attitudes toward each other and toward whites than whites display toward blacks and other minority groups.
Most African-Americans (upwards of 95% ) are Democrats.

So, if one looks at percentages and not absolutely numbers, the highest level of racism is found among a reliably Democratic group: African-Americans.

Sorry -- it may not be politically correct to point out this flaw in Kristof's slur against conservatives.

Recall, the New Yorker cover that portrays the New Yorker's view of America-basically as flyover country? The New York Times version would be populated by yahoos, Klan members, hillbillys, and assorted kooks and dunces.