Palin gets "nasty:" Reuters

The Obama/Biden campaign mocks McCain as being too old so the MSM ghoulishly speculates on the odds of McCain dying in his first term while reminding all if that happens she would then succeed him.

They also acknowledges his service to the country but dismisses it as ancient history, adding that McCain is out of touch with contemporary problems because he doesn't know how many residences he owns and oh by the way, McCain supporters cling to guns and religion. 

And on and on.

But when Sarah Palin, mocked as a small town simpleton mayor and governor who bred a Down Syndrome child, a woman who knows how to shoot moose that wander near her home next to Russia, states accurately, as clearly documented here and other places several times, that Obama is friendly with terrorists, Reuters
huffily declares in a bold headline

Palin slams Obama as campaign turns ugly

Not only ugly but it is "
the latest sign the final month of the campaign is turning increasingly nasty." (Ugly and nasty!  Imagine that!)

Later at a rally in Carson City, California, Palin made clear the Republican campaign will become more negative.

Wow, a negative political campaign all because Palin declared

"There is a time when it's necessary to take the gloves off, and that time is right now," she told supporters.

However Reuters just couldn't find an adjective to described the following--and other--quotes from Obama and his representatives.

Today, the McCain-Palin team took their discredited, dishonorable campaign one desperate step further, announcing that they were going to try 'turning a page on this financial crisis' and launching more personal attacks on Senator Obama.

Wake up Reuters.  Campaigning isn't high school debating; a candidate who correctly states proven facts isn't nastily slamming her opponent, she's truthfully informing the electorate. 

And that's the proper adjective.