Rangel's car gets the hook

The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel, has had better months. Beset by tax problems - misreporting and underreporting of his income, unethical abuse of New York City's rents stabilization program for his apartments, the use of government stationary for fundraising purposes (not for his campaign but for a center that bears his name in New York City that he supports), and using federal buildings to store his Mercedes-Benz (rent-free). He stored the car for years at a House of Representative parking lot in violation of congressional rules. The car's registration expired in 2004, was covered with a tarp, and had no license plates. Once the New York Post publicized this "deal" the clock was ticking. Sure enough, the car got the hook yesterday and was towed away from the garage.Charles Rangel refused to answer questions regarding the issue, reports the New York Post:The Post reported yesterday that Rangel had...(Read Full Post)