Update: The Atlantic Photographer and McCain Derangement Syndrome

A few days ago Rick Moran posted how so called professional photographer Jill Greenberg  deceitfully manipulated  John McCain so as to produce pictures that made him look as frightening, as old, as unattractive as possible.  These photos were to accompany an article about McCain written by Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic magazine. 

The pictures were not used however.   Continuing her childish ways, she boasted about her trickery on her blog. She photoshopping her own work by adding bloody lips and other embellishments making McCain look positively monstrous.
Now Goldberg has the follow up 

Vaughan Hannigan photo agency, which has represented the disgraced, excrement-obsessed photoshopper Jill Greenberg, has just dropped her from its client list. Bill Hannigan, who runs the agency, told me a few minutes ago that Greenberg and the agency had "different views on how to conduct business." He said he couldn't say anything more because he is "still sorting out some issues with Jill related to her contract."
Goldberg agrees with the agency's decision
Vaughan Hannigan has done the right thing, of course, and not only because it's best not to represent photographers who deceive their clients, but because the damage Greenberg has done to her fellow photographers is tremendous.
Greenberg and her MDS followers will now undoubtedly whine about freedom of speech/press, proving once again they don't understand the difference between professional honesty and integrity and acting out as an irresponsible juvenile.