Palin email hacker suspect identified (updated)

No official confirmation yet, but it appears that the suspected email hacker is David Kernnel, son of a Democrat member of the Tennessee state legislature. A lot of material about him has been gathered by Michelle Malkin, Ace, and Gateway Pundit, among others.

I share Ace's concern that thuggish behavior is spreading, and that an utterly ruthless mentality was absorbed by Obama from Alinsky. Rousing a cyber-mob, as was recently done by the Obama campaign with WGN radio twice is consistent with rousing demented lefty hackers, even if there is no overt coordination.
Update from Clarice Feldman:

This report from Fox indicates more than Palin's email was hacked.

"It looks like Sarah Palin wasn't the only target of an online hacker. Law enforcement officials are investigating claims that the private e-mail accounts of the Republican vice presidential candidate's family and staff were also compromised.

"Yesterday, the Department received a referral alleging that the personal e-mail accounts of Gov. Sarah Palin, her staff, and her family had been unlawfully hacked. The Department is reviewing the matter," Justice Department spokeswoman Laura Sweeney said on Thursday.

The FBI and Secret Service launched a formal investigation on Wednesday into the hacking of one of Palin's Yahoo! e-mail accounts. Yahoo! declined to comment Thursday on details of the investigation, citing Palin's privacy and the sensitivity of such investigations"

Update from Rosslyn Smith:

The Nashville Tennesean reports that Rep. Mike Kernell has confirmed his son is the person named on websites.