Hi Mom! I'm on Al Jazeera

Thomas Lifson, publisher and editor of American Thinker, emailed me Wednesday morning and asked me if I wanted to appear on Al Jazeera (world-wide Arab TV in English a nd Arabic). I thought about emailing him back and telling him, "I got this bridge in Brooklyn...." I said "yes" instead.Lifson put me in touch with Al Jazeera's headquarters in DC. They were looking for a female blogger to defend Sarah Palin's speech in a televised debate. I convinced them that I was their woman ... er ... man.Cicily Scott, a personable young woman who became my handler for Al Jazeera from DC, told me that I would need special credentials to get into the sky box studio. "You need a special pass," she told me. "I am trying to get you a special pass."I spent a good part of the day scrambling for credentials I didn't really need. None of the security people for the RNC had a clue what "special pass" I was talking about. (Nor did they give me any reassuring...(Read Full Post)