Obama's Stadium Speech to Cost Networks a Bundle

Totalitarians don't seem to have this problem.It seems that Obama's little deviation from the original convention script that will have him speaking before 80,000 adoring, fainting, orgasming people at Invesco Field has thrown a monkey wrench into TV coverage.Apparently, moving the speech will cost the cash strapped networks hundreds of thousands of dollars in unanticipated costs - a turn of events that has executives pondering ways to cut costs:  Among the options now being considered by broadcast executives is a reduction in staffing at the Democratic convention, with some news staff being asked to stay back in New York or Washington instead of traveling to Denver - though that is a measure the networks hope to avoid. Another alternative that several networks are mulling involves the long-standing idea of anchoring the convention from someplace other than the Pepsi Center, where it is scheduled to be held in August. One network planner explained that the stadium...(Read Full Post)