What is Bill Clinton's Problem?

Jealous perhaps that Wesley Clark has sunk so low defaming McCain and/or jealous that McCain bravely served his country while he proudly evaded it, Bill Clinton hit the sewer smearing  McCain and other service people who were prisoners of war.  

"It's like if you know anyone who's ever a POW for any length of time," the former president opined in Aspen, Colo., over the weekend, "you will see that [they] go along for months or even years and then something will happen that will trigger all those bad dreams."
  Ironically The ex- president's remark came instead - and somewhat awkwardly - in the middle of effusive praise for former South African President Nelson Mandela.  

Uh Bill, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in South Africa for years--and then you came along to trigger all those bad dreams.   Demeaning others and staining dresses of gullible lowly female employees in the White House obviously does not trigger bad Clinton dreams.  But he does give others nightmares.