Myth of the Stupid Voter

Many of us seem to get caught up in the day to day tug of war of the presidential race, worrying whether the "people" will "understand" the true nature of this event or that one.The unspoken premise made by many of us is that the American voter is stupid and easily misled. This is a prevalant attitude taken by both sides but especially liberals who have been whining for years that conservatives have "fooled" the American people into voting against their economic interests.Well, guess what. It shouldn't surprise you that the American people are a lot smarter than most of us give them credit for. They may not pay as close attention to the race as some of our readers and writers on this site, but they apparently are smart enough to see a pig in the poke when it's offered to them.This survey by Rasmussen should be an eye opener for those who believe the American voters is too stupid to see through the bias being shown by the media toward Obama.The belief that...(Read Full Post)