That New Yorker cover

The Obama cover was still popping up yesterday in week-in-review commentaries.   Obama and crew are such an utterly humorless bunch.   One thing that had not come up in all the words that have spilled over this is that their indignation is based on a completely false premise.   Something like 95-plus percent of The New Yorker's paid circulation of slightly over 1,000,000 is via paid subscription.   So what about the roughly 50,000 or fewer copies sold off the shelves?   As you may know, I used to live in NY, returning periodically, and I can tell you that its newsstand presence, unlike that of New York Magazine, owned by some fellow named Murdoch, is quite minimal outside of relatively large stands and bookstore magazine sections principally in Manhattan.   This limited point-of-purchase visibility shrinks markedly beyond NY, and to a functional zero (large chain bookstores in major metropolitan areas only) outside of the upper east coast and some points on the west coast.   Thus, all the heavy breathing over the idea that the yokels might see it at their grocery store check-out counters and get the "wrong impression" about The Sainted One just shows how disconnected are the people whining about this.   His road show should finally make this "old news".