A Rising GOP Star

Two blogs we highly regard - Powerline and Jewish Current Issues (JCI) - highlight today the budding career of a young Republican who has made quite a splash in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio; Josh Mandel. Given the upcoming July4th holiday, we would also like to join the chorus and sing some praise for this young former Marine who is camapaigning  to win reelection to the state Senate. He served his nation as a Marine and has been serving his constituents as a State Senator. Now he hopes to serve Ohioans in the US Congress. His resume is outstanding, as our friend Rick Richman over at JCI notes:  Mandel is running for Congress, having served as an Intelligence Specialist in the Marine Corps Reserves, after graduating first in his class from Marine Corps Boot Camp and first in his class from Marine Corps Intelligence School. He has served two tours in Iraq, where he operated throughout the Al Anbar Province. During both tours, he received...(Read Full Post)