Hillary rewrites herstory again

There she goes again. Hillary Clinton is once again rewriting her history (herstory for the feminists) by removing  from her website all those nasty things she said about Barack Obama during the primary. Christina Bellatoni reports in an exclusive Washington Times story:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has scrubbed all negative ads from her campaign Web site and YouTube page, leaving visitors with only the warm and fuzzy moments from her bid for the presidency.

Gone are the attack ads accusing Sen. Barack Obama of insulting Pennsylvanians, ducking debates and making misleading assertions about gas prices. In their place are some of the campaign's best and most positive ads and multiple "Hillary I Know" testimonials that have a shelf life should the former first lady ever run again.

She has a lot of debt to pay off. A few remants remain. For those who want to  relieve the shock of hearing Hillary now praise Obama and/or want to relive her other thrilling campaign moments bashing him try http://www.archive.org/web/web.php.