A Cat's Tale: Conservatism vs Liberalism

A stray cat had kittens in our yard. My wife attempted to barricade the kittens in a contained area to protect them from predators. Short of caging them, this proved impossible. The rambunctious kittens escaped my wife's protection to explore, wrestle and play. With every fall, their climbing skills improved. Mama cat taught “gecko catching 101”. Soon the kittens were supplementing their breast milk with gecko snacks. Had my wife been successful in her intrusive attempts to protect them, the kittens' growth would have been stunted leaving them ill equipped to survive.The kittens scenario illustrates the superiority and compassion of a conservative approach to life over liberal. Liberal politicians always promote lowering standards and intrusive protection programs which ultimately enslave people to government dependency. For example, despite documented historical proof that speaking one national language is vital to economic success, liberals demand that America become...(Read Full Post)