Organ donor cars and the Democrats

I was talking with my nephew who is now old enough to drive and is selecting his first personal vehicle.  Reviewing his options, I asked if he had considered the Smart Car or any of the other micro-mini-sub-compacts.  The stunning increase in the price of gasoline certainly impacts the decision-making process for car buyers.  I wondered how important automotive fuel efficiency is to the members of the American Idol generation.  After all, this generation has been fully exposed to all the various propaganda of the politically correct public education system.  Surely preserving our resources and being fuel efficient should be a priority of the PC crowd.  I was certain my nephew had been exposed to the requisite indoctrination.

No amount of liberal sermonizing however, can overcome simple common sense.  "Uncle Ralph" my nephew pointed out, "those are just Organ Donor Cars.  They probably make you fill out a donor card when you register one of those toy cars."

Of course raising the CAFE standards for vehicles sold in the United States is an important plank in the Democrats' agenda.  The increase in sales of the not-necessarily Smart car and similar puddle-jumpers  would certainly help automakers reach the proposed higher CAFE numbers.

The Dems remain vehemently opposed to drilling for our own American oil, so higher MPG remains one of the few alternative options. Drilling is potentially messy and runs counter to the delicate sensibilities of the Sierra Club & Greenpeace members who are among the most vociferous and generous supporters of liberal democrats.  But shouldn't they be concerned about the safety of vehicles smaller than sofas hurtling down urban freeways at up to 90 mph surrounded by 18 wheelers and other truly heavy metal? Where's the compassion?

One would think that a political party would be interested in keeping its constituents alive -- although come to think of it, being alive isn't a necessary requirement for voting as a Democrat in Chicago.  If it were, Nixon would have been elected President in 1960. 

But then again, Democrats continue to support abortion-on-demand which eliminates a huge pool of future Democrats. And they seem more inclined to support euthanasia -- certainly clamored for the removal of Terry Schiavo's tubes.

So I guess the Smart Car makes plenty of sense, if you are a Democrat.  Fortunately my nephew, even at the tender age of 16 seems headed for the Young Republicans.  That shouldn't stop the Smart Car people from proposing their unit as the official car of the Democratic Party: 

Over 50 MPG and A Free Organ Donor registration with every Purchase! 
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