Organ donor cars and the Democrats

I was talking with my nephew who is now old enough to drive and is selecting his first personal vehicle.  Reviewing his options, I asked if he had considered the Smart Car or any of the other micro-mini-sub-compacts.  The stunning increase in the price of gasoline certainly impacts the decision-making process for car buyers.  I wondered how important automotive fuel efficiency is to the members of the American Idol generation.  After all, this generation has been fully exposed to all the various propaganda of the politically correct public education system.  Surely preserving our resources and being fuel efficient should be a priority of the PC crowd.  I was certain my nephew had been exposed to the requisite indoctrination.No amount of liberal sermonizing however, can overcome simple common sense.  "Uncle Ralph" my nephew pointed out, "those are just Organ Donor Cars.  They probably make you fill out a donor card when you...(Read Full Post)