The Obama campaign senses the glove fits

The Obama campaign seems to know they have a problem -- their man is  perceived as soft on terrorists, and way too accommodating to the  world's worst thug regimes. After Obama stated that he would meet  with any foreign leader without pre-conditions, including the  leaders  of Iran ,Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba, the  campaign  attempted to backtrack using hacks in the friendly media such as the New York Times to suggest that  of course, that is  not what he meant, and the McCain camp was smearing Obama for  bringing up Hamas' endorsement of Obama.The Obama campaign and its journalist warriors kept bringing up how Obama refused to meet with Hamas until the group changed its tune, stopped terrorism, and accepted Israel's right to exist. Of course  Hamas's position is identical to that of Iran, a sponsor of terror  groups including Hamas and Hezbollah, which has called for Israel's annihilation, and Obama has...(Read Full Post)