Euro-appeasers can't wait for Obama Presidency

What kind of political change is a major  European energy company waiting for to avoid the issue of sanctions on Iran?

The Austrian oil and gas company, OMV, signed a huge energy investing deal with Iran to develop its energy resources in 2007. This happened despite many other European companies who have chosen, of their own volition (encouraged by America), to forego deals with Iran.

American companies do not do business with Iran's energy sector as a consequence of sanctions being imposed by Congress years ago in response to Iranian violations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Pact and a nuclear program that most analysts perceive as being geared towards developing a nuclear arsenal.  This, combined with repeated Iranian threats to destroy Israel, have dissuaded many companies from engaging the Iranians.

The Austrians have resisted such entreaties and , in  a shareholder's meeting this week, its Chief Executive Officer, stated that their company has "no moral obligation to Israel". Well..this is somewhat offensive on its face when one realizes that Austrians were prime movers behind World War Two and the Holocaust (Hitler was an Austrian by birth, as were many leading members of the SS).

The CEO also said something quite revealing. According to
this report, he stated that time is an ally and the company is waiting for "political changes in the USA" to bolster their dealings with Iran.

Now ..what sort of changes might he be awaiting?

Will the Obama campaign dismiss these comments by the CEO of OMV as a "smear"?
What message does Obama telegraph to our enemies and those who would sup with them that they can assume that , as President, he will be soft against terrorism and nuclear proliferation?