Shhh... nobody say anything

Certain dogs are not barking when it comes to the question of Barack Obama as apostate Muslim. (No, we are not calling anyone a dog, this is an allusion to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, CAIR. Relax.)  In response to a New York Times op-ed by Edward Luttwak pointing out that by conventional standards ("once a Muslim always a Muslim") of Islamic law, Obama is an apostate, "Eye on Arab Media" writes:   This claim has never been expressed on any Arab television station or newspaper. In fact, Obama has received overwhelmingly favorable coverage by Arab media including Saudi television stations known for their conservative politics.Luttwak does not cite a single Muslim scholar. Even if he wanted to, there is no Muslim scholar who has accused Obama of apostasy. Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq of Upper Iowa University has compiled citations from more than 100 notable Islamic scholars affirming the right of Muslims to change their faith.And how many scholars over the...(Read Full Post)