Everything is caused by global warming (continued)

Now kidney stones have been added to the list of maladies supposedly on the rise thanks to supposed global warming. Or could this be satire? Who can tell? The warmist movement moved beyond staire some time ago.

But if you think kidney stones are bad, wait until you see what a Red Cross (and Red Cresent) official says

Climate change killed the dinosaurs. Will it kill us as well? Will we let it destroy the human race? This was the grim, depressing message that hung in the background of the Climate Change Forum hosted on Friday by the Philippine National Red Cross at the Manila Hotel. "Not one dinosaur is alive today. Maybe someday it will be our fossils that another race will dig up in the future, " said Roger Bracke of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, underscoring his point that no less than extinction is faced by the human race, unless we are able to address global warming and climate change in this generation. Bracke, however, countered the pessimistic mood of the day by saying that the human race still has an opportunity to save itself.