Poor Little Rich Girl Michelle Obama

Somehow I can't shed too many tears or sympathize with Michelle Obama's latest attempt at being regular folk:It wasn't until Barack Obama wrote a pair of best-selling books that he and his wife escaped their student loan debt, an experience Michelle Obama said Tuesday helps the couple understand everyday challenges better than policymakers in Washington."We are not so far away from life that we don't understand and get it," said Michelle Obama, wife of the Democratic presidential candidate. (snip)Obama told the crowd that when she and her husband left law school, the monthly payments on their school loan debt was more than their monthly mortgage payment. She said they only got out of that debt when Barack Obama wrote his two books, "The Audacity of Hope" and "Dreams from My Father."Uhm, they were both Harvard Law School graduates; both earned well into the six figures.  Maybe if they hadn't bought such a fancy, shmancy mansion with an...(Read Full Post)