Harmonic convergence

The following quotations reflect the thoughts and strategies of the Democratic Party.  But can you guess who said them?

  • "defeat John McCain"
  • "Democratic primaries signal a huge upsurge with record-breaking turnout and enthusiasm... the outcome could bring enormous change that puts people's need before warmaking, sleaze and policies that put profits before peoples need. Such an outcome is possible regardless of whether or not Clinton or Obama wins"
  • "Obama speaks to people's desires and inspires them ... Clinton would likely govern to the left of her husband ...We have a chance to sweep the Republicans from power in a landslide"
  • "the war must end... It's time to bring the troops home"
  • "defeat McCain and strengthen Democratic majorities in Congress"
  • "McCain... is the candidate of the ultra-right and of the big banks... a favorite of the military industrial complex... the favorite of Wall Street...He opposes S-CHIP and universal health care. He supports obscene tax cuts for the super-rich. He supports Bush's war policy and wants to stay in Iraq endlessly and spread that war to Iran. He also unquestioningly supports NAFTA and free trade..."
  • "tax policy to be moved back to 1970s levels"
  • "the term "core forces" to refer to those communities who have a special role within and around the working class in bringing about social progress... Labor... African Americans... Latino voters... Women voters. Additionally, youth voters, environmentally-oriented, and peace voters have an opportunity to make their mark on this election."
  • "work in local communities registering voters from the core forces and mobilizing them to defeat John McCain and to win bigger majorities in Congress."
  • "Global warming has to be examined within a larger context of capitalism and other environmental problems... Capitalists are to blame for the crisis"
  • "The peace movement has developed two levels of struggle: one, direct involvement in the campaigns of anti-war candidates as a step in the struggle to end the war; two, continue to mobilize the antiwar movement to become involved in defeating McCain in November... efforts have begun to argue that "Obama is for peace""

The above quotations do not come from Howard Dean, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat (at least not directly).  They come from the Communist Party USA, which had its quarterly national committee meeting in late March 2008 .