Mexican Official Caught Stealing White House Blackberries

This is a pretty unebelievable story - except the Secret Service has the whole crime on tape.Apparently, a Mexican government official advancing the meeting in New Orleans between President Bush and Mexican President Calderon was caught red handed stealing Blackberries off of a table that didn't belong to him:  Whether he was up to no good or simply desperate to play BrickBreaker, a Mexican press attaché was caught on camera by Secret Service pocketing several White House BlackBerries during a recent meeting in New Orleans, FOX News has learned. Sources with knowledge of the incident said the official, Rafael Quintero Curiel, served as the lead press advance person for the Mexican Delegation and was responsible for handling logistics and guiding the Mexican media around at the conference. He took six or seven of the handheld devices from a table outside a special room in the hotel where the Mexican delegation was meeting with President Bush earlier this week. Everyone...(Read Full Post)