DOD puppy parade

Since the atrocious video surfaced of a Marine presumably in Iraq tossing a puppy off a cliff,  a myriad of soldier-dog photos are appearing on DOD websites.

The message is clear from the DOD: "we love dogs". I think it is a smart move.

A lot of people got just plain crazy over that video. Sure, it was brutal and made us sick and angry, but I read many blog comments in the vein of "we should do to him what he did to that puppy".

This feeds into a general observation of mine over the last decade or so. It seems we take cruelty to dogs more serious than cruelty to humans. I can't tell you how many reports I have seen of someone getting ten years for killing a dog while the next story is someone getting eight years for killing a person.

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs and think people should be punished for this, but we should keep some perspective.

At any rate, here is a sample from the new DOD campaign which shows the power of the puppy. Some might call this propaganda, but really, most people love animals and it is right for the DOD to point out soldiers are just like most of us.

puppy and soldier

dog with sunglasses