Huckabee and the home schoolers

I had been puzzled by the touting of a homeschoolers endorsement for Mike Huckabee, given that the candidate also received an endorsement from the New Hampshire NEA. That made some sense, because I know he increased teacher salaries in Arkansas. I did not know what might motivate any homeschoolers organizations to support him.Some further information comes from a series of posts on the website  Spunkyhomeschool. Huckabee has been endorsed by the Home School Legal Defense Association PAC (HSLDA-PAC), which is headed by Michael Farris, who also heads HSLA itself. But HSLDA has not endorsed Huckabee.Spunkyhomeschool writes:HSDLA-PAC did endorse Huckabee, here's the link. HSLDA-PAC is the connected PAC of HSLDA. HSLDA cannot endorse candidates. According the HSLDA-PAC the PAC was formed to "allow HSLDA to engage directly in the political arena." But as I previously posted, Ned Ryun the former director of the PAC alleges that this endorsement was done unilaterally...(Read Full Post)