Time to change the theme of 'change'

If I hear the word change again from any candidate during this election cycle I will scream.  It seems that even the republican candidates have jumped upon this bandwagon.  By the media continually telling the public that they want change it soon became a self-fulfilling prophecy.  This is an old psychiatric thought control trick called jamming.  Jamming seeks to provoke patterns of behavior that appear to have risen spontaneously.  The democrats used the word change during the last election cycle and what did it achieve?  We now have a democratic controlled congress with the worst approval rating in history.  Is this good change or bad change? 

Some candidates have put forth the idea of universal health care.   To do this they would have to raise taxes and this would ruin our economy which is already experiencing a slowdown.  Also I would like to know if they are going to use Canada or the United Kingdom as their models.  Both countries are experiencing problems with their healthcare systems.  Canadians come to America when they need immediate care and in Britain the healthcare ministry just mandated  that people need to diagnoses and treat themselves for minor health conditions and there can be up to a three month wait for hospital care.  Is this good change or bad change.

Next lets take a look at social issues.  We already have abortion on demand. We live in a country where an eagle egg has more value than a human embryo.   What is left to change but the definition of marriage.  In the Scandinavian countries where gay marriage is legal there are more people living together than there are people getting married.  Is this good for the children who are born  from these unions or is a married family the best environment for a child?  Is this good change or bad change?

Also there is the idea that congress should get along.   I don't think Americans realize that our founding fathers believed in the idea of checks and balances.  This is the idea that different parties bring different ideas  to the table and they fight it out till they are able to reach compromise.   Do we really want our politicians to all think alike?  Is this good change or bad change?

Sen. Barack Obama attends Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago Illinois."  The church's mission statement says that "The fortunate who are among us combine forces with the less fortunate to become agents of change for God who is not pleased with America's economic mal-distribution".  Another mission statement from the church says that "We are African people, and we remain "true to our native land".  These statements profess a belief in wealth redistribution and allegiance to another country.  Does Senator Obama believe in these statement or not?  Is this good change or bad change?

I have a slogan of my own "where is the beef"!  Would one of these candidates please explain to me what they mean by change and how they will achieve this change.  We have not been attacked since the World Trade Center, our economy keeps ticking along and in a recent poll about 80% of American's said that they were happy with their life so what change do they want?  I guess they want slogans and soaring speeches that mean absolutely nothing.  My grandmother use to say beware of what you ask for you just might get it!

Michele Mitchell
Casa Grande, AZ.  85222

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