Huckabee and the home schoolers

I had been puzzled by the touting of a homeschoolers endorsement for Mike Huckabee, given that the candidate also received an endorsement from the New Hampshire NEA. That made some sense, because I know he increased teacher salaries in Arkansas. I did not know what might motivate any homeschoolers organizations to support him.

Some further information comes from a series of posts on the website  Spunkyhomeschool.

Huckabee has been endorsed by the Home School Legal Defense Association PAC (HSLDA-PAC), which is headed by Michael Farris, who also heads HSLA itself. But HSLDA has not endorsed Huckabee.
Spunkyhomeschool writes:

HSDLA-PAC did endorse Huckabee, here's the link. HSLDA-PAC is the connected PAC of HSLDA. HSLDA cannot endorse candidates. According the HSLDA-PAC the PAC was formed to "allow HSLDA to engage directly in the political arena." But as I previously posted, Ned Ryun the former director of the PAC alleges that this endorsement was done unilaterally and for all intents and purposes was a Farris endorsement. He was not told of the endorsement until after the fact.
According to Marc Ambinder of the Atlantic, Farris is also working as an upaid advisor to Huckabee.

If all of this is true, it adds perspective.


Another home schooler writes.
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