Dems Squirming on Iraq Funding Vote

As each day passes and it becomes clearer that the improving situation in Iraq may very well lead to success, one is struck by a few notable occurrences:1. Iraq has fallen off the front pages as a major news story; and 2. The cat has gotten the Democrat's tongues when it comes to talking about Iraq funding.Democratic leaders are loath to acknowledge they’ve backed off, but lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, as well as congressional aides, say Democrats are trying to find a way to provide continued troop funding while searching for some compromises that show they’re still intent on challenging the president on the war. The possible conditions for troop funding include anti-torture rules and benchmarks for Iraqi political reconciliation, language sure to upset an impatient Democratic anti-war base that wants immediate troop withdrawals. According to one senior Democratic lawmaker, there’s a growing discomfort among pro-defense Democrats about linking a $50 billion...(Read Full Post)