Obama rally to be held at massive venue

More terrible news for Hillary. She may be tossing lamps and china at hapless staffers soon. Blake Dvorak reports on the TIME Magazine blog:

"Faced with overwhelming demand, the Obama campaign announced today that it will be moving Sunday's rally with Oprah Winfrey in Columbia, S.C., from the 18,000-seat Colonial Center to the 80,000-seat University of South Carolina football stadium.

"Is this a sign of what Winfrey will bring to the campaign? Will her endorsement and stumping turn out to be a larger factor than most pundits -- this one included -- first thought? As Brody said,"You're going to need a bigger boat."

Make that 86,000 seats in Williams Bryce Stadium, home of the Gamecocks.  A new poll in New Hampshire shows Obama only 6 down. And in Iowa, Obama is now 7 points ahead of her and she is tied with Edwards. She might wind up third.

What size stadium could Streisand fill for Hillary in any early primary state?