Happy 40th to The American Spectator!

Congratulations to The American Spectator on marking 40 years of delivering some of the most vibrant and important conservative commentary on the right side of the political divide.Tommorrow night this venerable  publication will be celebrating this milestone with a gala at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, chaired by T. Boone Pickens with Tom Wolfe as the keynote speaker.   We all stand on the shoulders of giants. For me, The American Spectator was my first liberator from the clutches of the drive-by media. I began reading the Spectator in college when it was a tabloid printed on newsprint. Back then, founder and publisher Bob Tyrrell was still running the magazine out of the heartland in Bloomington, Indiana.   Over these four decades, the magazine has had its share of ups and downs, including a terrifying time when Clinton sicced the IRS on them. To his everlasting credit. Tyrrell faced these...(Read Full Post)