Will the Democrats outlaw beer, Coca-Cola and Champagne?

In a preposterous article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, author Bill McAullife postulates burying carbon dioxide underground in North Dakota to save the atmosphere.

"A partnership that includes Minnesota corporations and state agencies is testing whether it can pump carbon dioxide -- the key pollutant linked to climate change -- deep into the ground. That would not only remove it from the atmosphere, but also free up inaccessible oil and gas deposits.

Winning crucial federal money last month, the "Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership" is part of a nearly $300 million program underway in three regions of North America."
Yet another wise commenter on Lucianne.com named "veritas" muses that:
Reply 8 - Posted by: veritas, 11/4/2007 10:48:11 AM

Hey, it's simpler and cheaper to just shut down Coke, Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch, and Miller -- "Big CO2."

Carbonation will kill us all!
There you have it. The Global Warming Crowd are all but ready to outlaw the average citizen's consumption of beer, Coca-Cola and Champagne. Those that are rich enough to pay for carbon credits may have no trouble dealing with a fine for carbonated drinks.

When Rush Limbaugh says the Greens want to control our lives down to the smallest detail, he is not exaggerating in the least.

Update: Busch Derangement Syndrome?

(Jack Kemp is not the politician of the same name.)
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