Dems digging themselves a hole

Michael Barone shows some interesting anomalies in recent polls and, keeping in mind the shameful performance of the Congressional Dems at today's Petraeus-Crocker hearing, it appears they are digging themselves into a hole: while voters generically prefer a Democratic candidate, when they are resented with a choice between the two candidates now leading in the polls, Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, they are split just about evenly. The reason is that Democrats are giving voters the impression that they believe everything will be just fine in the world once Bush is back in Crawford and the troops are home from Iraq. The Public Opinion Strategies poll indicates that that is a notion a solid majority of American voters reject. They know that the Sept. 11 attacks were planned long before Bush became president and that our enemies will try to launch new attacks after he is gone. Raging against George W. Bush plays well among Democratic primary voters while Bush still has more than a...(Read Full Post)