Text of Gen. Petraeus' report available

The text of Multi-National Force-Iraq commander, General David Petraeus, can be read via this link.The Report contains five sections: 

Nature of The Conflict;
The Dec. 2006 Situation & The Surge (context);
Current Situation & Trends, Iraqi Security Forces (445,000 total); and

Among the last:  a drawdown of surge forces later this month and subsequent departures of brigade combat teams through next year.  Gen. Petraeus emphasized (again) that our effort in Iraq is long-term in nature; that there will be no easy answers or quick solutions.  

If this great nation cannot summon the will, the determination and the fortitude to persevere, then we shall forever be damned by the heroic dead who gave their last full measure of devotion; by all those who served & sacrificed in this noble cause.
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