Tax Reform? Ever? (a poem)

The tax man cometh

But goeth would be better.

He’s not a bad guy

Yet his product’s a no-getter.

I don’t get the logic,

The labyrinthic haze.

I don’t get the vast

Rube Goldbergian maze.

I don’t get the myriad

Dark complications

Which cause me to doubt

All these gradations.

Will we ever straighten

This pretzel out?

Can some simple soul

Bring common sense about?

Hand me a bill,

And I’ll give you the dough.

How you came by that number

I’d rather not know.

You’re going to get it all

From me anyway.

I’m tired of this game,

And I don’t want to play.

I’ll  vote for anyone,

Brilliant or humdrum,

Who can straighten out

This eternal conundrum.

Mimi Evans Winship