George Will is wrong on Fred

George Will has made a splash in Newsweek by raising a good question: Does Fred Thompson have substance, or is he just a pretty face? 

Fortunately,  in the Age of the Web you can get the answer right here and now on your desktop. For example, just listen to Fred Thompson's podcast.

As far as I'm concerned, Senator Thompson tells more home truths about  the world in his sixty seconds  than Mr. Will's friends at WaPo and Newsweek manage to publish in, oh, about a decade. All about Africa and the UN, for example. By that test, Fred Thompson looks like a pretty good conservative candidate.

I've always wondered how an elegant conservative writer like Mr. Will survives in the Holy Sanctums of the Left. Surely he wouldn't be the WaPo's messenger boy to Republicans at critical times in the election cycle? Could he?

I really don't know. I'm just beginning to wonder.

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